There are few events in world history that spark the imagination more than the legendary eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. That horrific event buried the Roman city of Pompei in a cloud of volcanic ash -- an event that wasn’t fully revealed for centuries. When the historical curtain was pulled back on the ancient city, archeologists discovered surfaces filled with vibrant colors and varied stones made smooth with the passing of the ages.


Tile design artisans have taken this extraordinary look, both timeless and strikingly modern, and elevated it to a new level in the Pompei porcelain tile series. Utilizing our 21st century Dynamic HD Imaging™ inkjet technology, the series prominently features the small stones and pebbles that are the heart and soul of the old city’s design heritage. It perfectly replicates this rare combination of rock and cement to create a porcelain tile series that evokes the colors and the architectural heritage of the old city. The commercially-rated Pompei series is manufactured in 12x24 and in four colors, Avorio, Cafe, Espresso and Grigio.

Sizes Available

12" x 24"

3" x 24" Bullnose

2" x 2" Mosaic Sheet (13" x 13")


Wear Resistance (PEI)







Dynamic: 0.59 (BOT 3000)


Water Absorption

< 0.3%


Chemical Resistance

Class A


Break Strength

475 LBF


Shade Variation

V2 (Slight)