Spanning from Prague in the Czech Republic all the way to the blue-water coast of Lisbon on the Mediterranean, the cities and towns of Europe have an old-world architectural heritage that can only be created with the passage of time. As decades and centuries passed, ancient trading posts evolved into municipal halls; gravel trails were replaced by cobblestone, then by cement. Then, layer upon layer of architectural history was revealed by exposure to foot and wagon traffic -- with the history of the continent today revealed in every courtyard, train station, and grand hotel throughout the continent.


The intersection of these weathered, time-worn surfaces has been reproduced in this remarkable porcelain tile series. Offered in a 12" x 48" size to highlight its stunning graphic look, the Provincial series delivers an old-world look in a high-tech porcelain tile, utilizing the latest technology to make the old world come to life again.


Provincial is available in 5 colors to perfectly suit any design concept: Pinot Noir, Champagne, Merlot, Prosecco and Chardonnay. Because Provincial is precision-cut with rectified edges, tiles can be set with grout joints sized to a minimum. One by one, the tiles are laid to create a perfect replication of the weathered surfaces of the European countryside..

Sizes Available

12" x 48"


Wear Resistance (PEI)







Dynamic: 0.55 (BOT 3000)


Water Absorption

< 0.10%


Chemical Resistance

Class A


Break Strength

475 LBF


Shade Variation

V4 (Extreme)