Where can I buy your products?

Paramount Flooring currently has distribution in the following States:

• Illinois

• Indiana (Northwestern Counties)

• Iowa

• Kansas

• Michigan

• Minnesota

• Missouri

• Nebraska

• North Dakota

• Oklahoma 

• South Dakota

• Wisconsin

• Ohio (Toledo area only)

Find a Dealer


If you live within our area of distribution and would like a list of retailers in your area that can provide samples, products and/or pricing. Please use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you.



All claims with Paramount Flooring need to be filed where the flooring was originally purchased.

Canadian Consumers

We currently do not have distribution into Canada, nor have we had distribution into Canada in the past. If you have found us because you purchased Paramount flooring though a Big Box retailer that is not from us or anyone affiliated with our company.  Most likely it is a product from a company out of Montréal, called Quickstyle.

You can contact them here.