From the great art and sculpture works of Michelangelo to the modern musical creations of Gershwin, genius never goes out of style. And Forum re-creates nature's genius and delivers the look of classic, vein-cut travertine like never before. The 12"x24" format perfectly highlights the rich veining and warm tones of classic Roman Travertine.  Forum is available in four classic designer colors to suit the most elegant tastes. And to further set the series apart, 12" x 24" sheet-mounted mosaic strips as well as in 1" x 2" mosaic sheets are also available.

Sizes Available

12" x 24"

3" x 24" Bullnose

12" x 24" Mosaic Sheet

2" x 2" Mosaic Sheet (13" x 13")

1" x 2" Mosaic Sheet (13" x 13")


Wear Resistance (PEI)







Dry:  0.80  |  Wet: 0.64 

Dynamic: 0.64 (BOT 3000)


Water Absorption

< 0.04%


Chemical Resistance

Class A


Break Strength

407 LBF


Shade Variation

V2 (Slight)