Wood flooring adds warmth and beauty to any home. It's easy to care for and clean, and can last through many generations of use. What's more, it's hypo-allergenic and environmentally sound.


The contribution a wood floor can make to a home's resale value is widely recognized. And the cost is less than you may think. No matter what your decor or budget, we've got the flooring to fit your needs.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered Hardwood gives the same visual and attributes as solid, but in a more dimensionally stable platform that can be install on any floor in the home.

Porcelain Tile

Available in an array of sizes, including the newly popular plank format, Porcelain offers both selection and style. Choose from a perfect palette of color options and design with confidence.


Laminate flooring offers great looks, affordable pricing and is also durable. Perfect for homes with kids and pets.  Paramount Flooring laminate is made to stand up to high traffic. Laminate is versatile too – it can be installed in any room in your home, where you want the beauty of hardwood, without the cost.


Bamboo is among the most eco-friendly, versatile and rapidly renewable natural resources currently available on the planet. And with that, not all bamboo is created equal. Paramount sources only Moso bamboo, widely recognized as the highest quality raw material for the production of bamboo flooring. Moso is a member of the grass family and thrives in government monitored, well-managed forests while regenerating naturally after harvest, without replanting.


Whether it’s traditional engineered bamboo or engineered strand woven, Paramount brings you the ultimate collection of bamboo flooring produced in a rainbow of colors and surface textures.