Beautiful travertine marbles have been in demand for centuries. Forum utilizes Dynamic HD Imaging™ design technology to deliver this eternal look like its never been seen before in a porcelain tile product. 

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The Boardwalk collection perfectly evokes the unique spirit of America’s exclusive seaside resorts, premium residences and commercial destinations. Take a walk on Boardwalk. Click here for more information.


A modular series with stunning stone visuals that could have been found in the Sistine Chapel hundreds of years ago, but fit with todays contemporary decor.  Click here for more information.


Provincial is a innovative concept, new to the American marketplace. Our acclaimed design team has reimagined the intersection of wood and cement graphics, joining these time-worn surfaces in a look that perfectly emulates historic bridges, side streets and alleyways in the charming villages that dot Europe. Click here for more information.


Craftsmen have painstakingly re-created the look, feel and aura of vintage New York brick in a porcelain tile series. For the first time create the look of a hip, modern New York City loft without paying rent.

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Paramount tile design team has worked tirelessly to create the perfect complement to these enchanting beachside cottages and classic estates dotted along the island’s Atlantic shoreline.

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4 colors with a matte finish available in 12x24 and 24x24.

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Just 90 miles from the United States, Havana is know for it’s beaches, culture, and vintage American cars. The Havana Collection replicates the cement tiles that line the patios, walkways, walls and floors of Cuba.

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Inspired by the invention of the same name, The Loom series has taken the very best graphics from fine fabrics, and created a designer’s dream - an all-new palette of 6 colors that creates limitless options in any fine residential or commercial project.

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From intense Ocean to pale Wave, Key West offers five hues which call to mind an enchanting island life atmosphere, and the memory of the sunny landscapes of the Florida Keys.  Click here for more information.


ATLANTIS series was selected as the Style & Design winner at the International Surface Event, held January 2020 in Las Vegas. One color with 45 different faces. Poseidon, the deco, in the series has 6 patterns, but are printed on all the different Atlantis faces.

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A perfect example of exceptional old-world wall tile charm, perfected with the technology of today.

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The beauty of Alp quartzite has been transformed into an exclusive ceramic material, with a bold and recognizable style.  Click here for more information.


Fossil stones are rare and precious treasures. The versatile and exquisitely detailed aesthetic lends an air of luxury and refinement.  Click here for more information.

Porcelain Tile Warranty
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Porcelain Care & Maintenance
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