Ever since its invention over 700 years ago, the Loom has been an indispensable tool in the making of fabrics. While modern technology has transformed other industries and production methods, the Loom - in more sophisticated forms — remains capable of creating some of the most compelling weaves and design looks of our modern age, influencing today’s trends on fashion runways from New York to Milan. Inspired by this time-tested marvel, The Loom series has taken the very best graphics from fine fabrics, and created a designer’s dream - an all-new palette of 6 colors that creates limitless options in any fine residential or commercial project.


Loom is offered in a 12” x 24” size - a glazed porcelain with graphics softened ever so slightly from their wall counterparts. When installed, this unique and fine-tuned graphic mix makes Loom floor and wall tiles coordinate perfectly, creating beautiful layouts with the possibility of nearly limitless color combinations.

Sizes Available

12" x 24"


Wear Resistance (PEI)







Dynamic: 0.52 (BOT 3000)


Water Absorption

< 0.10%


Chemical Resistance

Class A


Break Strength

417 LBF


Shade Variation

V2 (Slight)

Floor Tile